How Does Rfid Tracking System Work?

In today's world, one of the top challenges for any business is managing and locating its most important assets, including critical equipment that can lead to expensive delays or downtime and missed deadlines. But avoiding all this is possible by simply investing in a quality tracking system.


RFID asset systems can provide accurate and real-time tracking data. This technology allows you to know exactly where your things are at all times, along with preventing theft by reading tags directly off objects with readers placed strategically around buildings or fields. So even if someone got into position before you did and attempted stealing a wheelchair, there is a low chance of escape.


Passive RFID Tags

Passive RFID tags use little power so that they can be read from long distances away. Instead, RFID readers transmit radio frequencies that act as the tag's fuel and activate it when received by an antenna on another object.

●      Uses

Passive RFID tags are more flexible and cost-effective than active ones. They can attach or embed themselves into a broader range of objects, making them perfect for pharmaceuticals and consumer goods tracking.

How does it work?

Passive RFID's power sources are radio frequency energy transmitted from the reader/antennas. The signal from the reader and antenna will power its memory and functionality and then reflect the reader.

Active RFID tags

Active RFID tags are typically larger but also costlier than passive tags. One can benefit from their longer read ranges, sometimes up to 100m. However, active tags also typically have a restricted or limited lifespan, which is the opposite of passive tags.

●      Uses

The active tags are often used in harsh environments because they can support sensors, which can evaluate weather conditions. These make them popular for tracking larger assets such as vehicles and cargo containers.

How does it work?

Active RFID tags are a self-contained power source for their transmitter. They can be either UHF or ZigBee based and operate with an input frequency in the low MHz domain.

How TrackSeal helps?

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