Document Tracking

RFID Document/File Tracking Management System

The document/file tracking system is designed to track the usage and availability of all records. Our solution allows the advantage of barcode and RFID technologies to identify each record as a unique object

Reduce Time Spent Searching for Documents

With an RFID tracking system in place, documents, file folders, tubes or boxes are quickly found with a simple search from using an RFID-enabled handheld device. Another method used in asset tracking is Check-In/Check-Out functionality in which an administrator or kiosk is used for employees to remove and return items from an area.

RFID document tracking also facilitates asset inventory and loss prevention. With RFID-tagged assets, accounting for all assets is now an automatic and, depending on the implementation, real-time activity versus a manual listing activity that takes days or is do costly that it never happens.

How It Works

A smart label with a unique RFID tag is applied to each document, file folder, tube or box. Employees use RFID handheld readers to perform inventory quickly and accurately on the fly, as well as search for missing documents using the handheld reader like a Geiger counter.

Check-in/Check-out module is available as a supervised or automated system, in which employees are issued RFID-enabled badges, and RFID fixed readers and antennae are placed at the entrances and exits of the document storage rooms.

Documents can be automatically checked in or out when the documents and employee cross the read points. The RFID tag on the document is then associated with the employee’s RFID badge resulting in an automated record of who has what document.

Through iTrackweb-based application, users can view a document’s details, such as current status, last known location, and check in/check out history, to locate missing documents.


  • Track and Locate documents quickly
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Eliminate lost files
  • Create auditable trails of access to sensitive documents
  • Automatically generate required reports
  • Improve service to clients such as court/legal community
  • Unauthorised access alert
  • Automated billing based on access
  • Web based status retrieval and reporting
  • Document workflow management
  • Check-in/Check-Out to People
  • Bulk assignment to People/Customer/Department
  • Many more such features…
  • Banks
  • Mortgage loan companies
  • Law firm
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Evidence room/Police stations
  • Military bases
  • And many more