Student Movement Tracking

Tracking Student Movement using Active RFID

The Problems

  • Parents are always concerned about the safety of their kids
  • Kids are not allowed to carry cell phones to the school
  • Not feasible for the school staff to call each parent
  • For working parents, other concern is if and when kids reach at home after school
  • Can be long waiting time to pick-up kids from bus stops
  • And many more such issues…

The Solution

  • Tracking kids about their whereabouts with RFID tags is easy and cost effective
  • School buses fitted with RFID reader and kids with tags can let parents track where their kids are
  • Bus fitted with GPS tracking device enables us to know the bus location in real time
  • Real time alert the parents if the kids don’t get on the bus or don’t reach school
  • Send alert if bus don’t follow the designated route
  • Send alert if bus takes longer than programmed time
  • Etc.


  • What time a bus reaches a bus stop
  • Which bus it is
  • Where is a bus now
  • When does a student gets on the bus
  • How many students are on the bus
  • Where does a student gets off the bus
  • How many student reaches final stop
  • How long does it take the bus to reach its final destination
  • Any more such features…


    • Late buses
    • Student not reaching school
    • Student not reaching home
    • Buses travelled daily/monthly
    • No. of students travelled daily
    • No. of calls made
    • No. of successful trips
    • And many more

System Configuration and Reports