Other Products

TrackSeal has many more solutions such as -

1. Brewery asset tracking and process management

Solution has following features -

   Ø Reduced asset (keg) loss
   Ø Improved turn rates
   Ø More accurate inventory numbers
   Ø Better decision about target numbers
   Ø Improve speed and accuracy for tracking returnable kegs
   Ø Reduce cost by reducing lost kegs
   Ø Improve correct order dispatch
Ø Accurate, real-time counts are provided by tracking inventory in the warehouse/supply rooms when the keg is received and when it ships
Ø Provides better communication/visibility of asset (keg) flow between plants and customers
Ø Provides clear traceability of lost assets (kegs).
Ø Liability for damaged, lost or stolen items is quickly determined bypinpointing exactly where and when the incident occurred
Ø Expect immediate results with RFID
Ø And more…

2. Car park management

3. Time and Attendance using RFID or Biometric readers such as Fujitsu Palm Secure

For secure T&A application, use of biometric is recommended. Fujitsu PalmSecure is one of the best biometric device as this uses 3D palm image and response time is quite short. For less secure T&A, RFID is the best as this is hands free and response time is very short.

4. Visitor Management

Some of the features of the solution are -

  • Assign accessible areas
  • Inform host on visitor arrival
  • Create alarm If visitor does not reach the host within programmable time frame or goes into inaccessible areas
  • Create alarm if after the meeting is over, if the badge is not returned within configurable time
  • If the meeting exceeds the allocated time, an email is sent to host, using which the meeting can be extended, cancelled or postponed. That means – host has the full control of the meeting and does not require help from reception
  • Reports such as –
  • Returning visitors
  • Frequent visitors
  • Visitor movements
  • Visitor details
  • Daily visitors