Our Vision

We are an, energetic and innovative team who take the best proven RFID building blocks from the world’s leading RFID hardware and tag manufacturers, combine with our modular and well architected software to create one of the best RFID solutions. With our Enterprise software and integration skills we tailor solutions to meet our specific customer’s needs. Working closely with your organisation, we develop customised solutions to help meet your objectives and surpass your expectations. Our software, branded as iTrack™, is web based as well as client-server based and caters for customers with single RFID reader to thousands of readers scattered worldwide. TrackSeal solutions are created keeping in the following objectives –


To be recognized as the worldwide, single source provider of asset management and asset tracking software (using RFID), barcode / 2D code hardware and RFID systems to all kind of customers, by way of -

  • Driving the adoption and successful implementation of RFID and RTLS technologies by end users through the active participation in our educational programs that are developed in partnership with academia, the end user community, technology developers, and standards bodies
  • Increasing the size of the global marketplace for RFID and RTLS technologies.
  • Encouraging participation through our on-line, social networking communities, professional society, strategic industry partners, our government programs, and via our on-line and off-line educational programs where customers can network, learn, share and do business together in a professional business like environment.


TrackSeal is a progressive, team-oriented technology company whose employees are dedicated to utilizing continuous improvement practices to achieve the overall best value and the highest level of customer satisfaction

To offer quality products, software and services designed to exceed customer expectations in the areas of:

  • Asset Management and Tracking software
  • Inventory management and tracking software
  • People tracking software
  • Process management software
  • Workforce management software
  • RFID Hardware
  • Barcode hardware
  • GPS devices
  • Active/Passive/RTLS tags

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