Ble And Rtls Devices

Auto-ID devices may consists of following type of devices -

1. BLE Beacons

2. RTLS (Wi-Fi) Tags

3. IOT devices 

4. Any other electronic devices which has unique Id

Most of these devices provide location information as either (x, y) or RSSI which can be used to locate an object in the area where these are tracked.

So of these devices have additional features like -

  • Temperature sensor
  • Gyro (Motion detection)
  • Humidity sensor

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) System

MYTAGActive Smart Cards from e-Smart seamlessly gets integrated into our Physical Access Control and Positioning System (PAC&PS) to allow simultaneous door access control and location Positioning using our wireless readers. These cards utilise 2 wireless technologies in the same smart card including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC interface. A BLE interface constantly sends data to all wireless readers within its range, for location positioning. The NFC interface is used for user physical access control. These active cards can also be pasted on assets for location positioning and tracking of those important assets on-the-move.

RTLS (Wi-Fi) System

Why Wi-Fi for Indoor Locationing Called Real Time Locationing System - RTLS

  • Mature and mostly widely used wireless technology
  • Available infrastructure and network planning
  • Wi-Fi has been installed in most enterprise, industrial, and home environments
  • Support for low-traffic 5GHz channels
  • Industry’s first dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz RTLS tag
  • 802.11n Compatibility
  • Multiple Operational Modes
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Telemetry capability
  • Motion Detection
  • Long Battery Life