Asset Tracking

Why RFID (Auto-ID) Asset Tracking?

RFID is a solution that enables a nurse, a technician, or an authorized employee to easily determine the location of equipment, run queries or reports to provide inventory information, parametric searches, graphical representation to identify the location of the equipment or the asset, and also manage the service and maintenance of the equipment using any computer tied into the network.

The results of these applications are beginning to provide proof that using RFID technology in the healthcare industry, Manufacturing, Warehouse management etc. provides significant labour savings, improved efficiency, and a good return on investment.

RFID combined with mobile computing and Web technologies provide a better way for organizations to identify and manage their assets. Mobile computers, with integrated RFID readers, can now deliver a complete set of tools that eliminate paperwork. This approach eliminates manual data entry and delivers. 

  • Real-time inventory stats
  • Real-time asset location using single click
  • Simplified dispatch/receiving process
  • Improved customer service
  • Optimized asset usage
  • Alert notifications
  • Reduction of inventory inaccuracies
  • And many more benefits

The Problems

  • Assets are untraceable (i.e.) unable to locate an asset or takes too long to trace
  • No knowledge of which items were delivered and when
  • What was dispatched and received today?
  • Which assets are expiring soon?
  • Which assets are consumed/used most?
  • Are the items being received as per the order?
  • Are the items being delivered as per order?
  • How much asset inventory do we have and how much do we need?
  • Do we have enough stock to fulfill orders in next 7 days?
  • How many assets are being stolen?
  • And many more such issues…

The Solutions

  • Locate assets instantly and accurately
  • Improve utilization and reduce rentals and purchases of assets we already have
  • Analysis of equipment and people movement – Work process improvements
  • Real time transaction search screens can tell where the assets are moving
  • Save time by locating unused assets, soon expiring assets etc
  • Maximize asset utilization by knowing what we have and what we need
  • Compare received items with order items without any manual intervention
  • Find most used assets
  • Find assets not returned on time
  • Find missing assets
  • And many more such savings  

Financial Benefits of RFID Technology

  • Not being able to locate an asset, companies buy extra or replacement assets for availability, which causes high annual spending and many assets are left unutilized or under-utilized. Using RFID to manage these assets increases the utilization rate, cuts annual spending, allows divestment of under-utilized assets, and improves confidence that assets are always be available when needed.
  • Performing a manual inventory process requires personnel to individually match tag IDs or serial numbers, a very time consuming process. But with RFID readers, many tags can be read simultaneously resulting in high efficiency and accuracy.
  • Equipment management with RFID can eliminate inefficient, long manual searches for assets that need maintenance or need to be returned to central processing units, and can maintain up-to date equipment status.
  • Find what’s going out and what’s coming in at a click
  • Get auto generated alerts for events like what’s low in stock, what’s expiring soon, unsold item leaving premises etc
  • RFID readers can read hundreds of unique RFID tags in a single swipe from a distance of ten feet or more, while with barcode reading the goods must be taken out of their cartons and read one at a time with a reader in close proximity, resulting in huge handling time saving.


    • Asset (fixed/mobile) movement tracking in real time
    • Inventory management and asset utilization
    • Stop unauthorized assets being taken out of premises
    • Locate specific equipment for preventive maintenance.
    • Create Exceptions, Triggers, actions and get notifications by emails/sms
    • Workflow management
    • Unified interface to various hardware such as access control, CCTV and more
    • Easy Integration to client systems for exchanging data
    • Any more such features…

    Some of the reports

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