Detection Systems

RFID Detection Systems

The TrackSeal EAS detection system range offers the latest and most-advanced technology RF-EAS detection with the computerized "moving-field" characteristic that sets a new optimal detection standard in the industry.

There is no other system that can match TrackSeal system reliability or performance with wide-aisle detection.

TrackSeal has a range of sensor designs that give you the option to select a system to suit your store décor and theme.

RFID Detection Systems are available in single, dual and multiple aisle configurations. Programmed to ignore the presence of materials from other libraries or retail stores, the system detects and identifies only Library items that have not been properly checked-out. Any number of items can be read simultaneously.

Systems have audible and visual alarms, and patron counters. The GateKeeper™ remote administration software monitors alarm events on the network and from a remote location.