Agriculture Process Management

RFID In Market Garden

RFID combined with mobile computing and Web technologies provide a better way for farmers to identify and manage their processes. Mobile computers, with integrated RFID readers, can now deliver a complete set of tools that eliminate paperwork and automate the entire harvesting process. This approach eliminates manual data entry and delivers -

  • Track product volume at harvest time
  • Track volumes picked by seasonal workers
  • Accurate records of crop production
  • Simplify staff payment
  • Track individual baskets of produce
  • Management information in real time from mobile devices
  • Easy integration to farm management information systems

The Challenges –

  • Keeping track of large numbers of seasonal, itinerant workers
  • Accurately recording volumes of crop picked by each worker
  • Providing accurate payment records for wages and salaries
  • Measuring yield from each location
  • Managing equipment infrastructure on the farm
  • Measuring staff productivity
  • Measuring equipment usage and maintaining service records
  • The need for real time management information at your fingertips
  • In peak season, waiting time to handover picking is long

The Solution –

  • Staff members individually identified by RFID wrist band
  • Each harvest basket or container individually tagged and tracked
  • Each staff member’s payment based on their actual volume harvested
  • Hundreds of staff and thousands of harvesting containers easily tracked and associated
  • Staff productivity reports available in real time
  • Instant management reports and performance statistics on mobile devices
  • Reports on equipment usage and productivity
  • Waitng time reduced to couple of minutes instead of 20-30 mins, resulting in higher productivity

Financial Benefits of RFID Technology –

  • The administrative overhead associated with managing large numbers of seasonal workers in the very busy harvesting time can be greatly reduced by the use of RFID technology. Accurate recording of staff contribution enables fair compensation and high quality records.
  • Management time can more effectively directed to more productive tasks and higher level decision making. Data available in real time can provide guidance so that decisions are made on the basis of timely and accurate information.
  • The process of recording staff contribution and volumes harvested can be achieved in seconds as opposed to minutes, increasing productivity.
  • Data gathered can be used as inputs to other farm management and financial systems (such as payroll).
  • Ensuring that utilisation of equipment and assets is optimised can be greatly assisted by the use of RFID and reports will highlight where economies can be made or services improved.

Process Management Life Cycle -

Sample report produced by the application -

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