TrackSeal completes POC for largest Gas producer

Keeping track of where the pipes, tubing and spare parts are, is a big challenge for large corporations with massive yards as many people handle same aspect of business resulting in inaccuracies and lack of information. After initial visit, I could see that the company has few million dollar worth of material lying in the yard (as waste) where as the same has been ordered for new jobs. Why? Because no one has the information about what's spare and where it is.

That's when one of the 'Process Enhancement cosultant came out with theplan of using RFID for real time updates' and selected TrackSeal to do this trial.

Once the integration to their SAP system is done, iTrack will retrieve entire inventory information from SAP, apply tags and then send all asset movement details to SAP. This will provide all assets movement and hence real time inventory to users, resulting in zero wastage as now the users will know what's in stock and where it is.

After completing the trial for tracking different types of tubing, pipes and spare parts in the warehouse, the client concluded that the RFID will solve the problems they have been having. Below is brief about trial summary.


Trial Summary 

RFID technology has its limitations, especially in terms of metal products but it is highly efficient and accurate and if deployed correctly it could help to improve accuracy and reduce costs

The trial was undertaken as a proof of concept for possible applications of RFID technology in one of the Supply Base operations.

The trial delivered positive results in terms of scan speed, accuracy and scan distances however there is still some concern as to the suitability of RFID for SKU’s with high metal content. There is significant savings in time to count SKU’s and inventory accuracy.

Highlights of the trial  were :-

  • 100% Scan read accuracy
  • Up to 14 metres direct scan read
  • Increased read range of fixed portal by 66% by angling readers to  45 degrees
  • 97% reduction in physical time to count

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