TrackSeal solution for Rental company

One of the Sydney based Audio-video and ICT equipment rental company selected TrackSeal to solve some of their challenges and to make the rental operation simpler and automated.

The objective is to track orders, item delivery as per the order and return of dispatched items within the time frame.

Informing the client if any of the above criteria is not met (e.g.) - 

  • Items are being delivered late than the promised order delivery date
  • Not all items are being delivered
  • Delivered items are not same as per order details.
  • Delivered items are more than what the order says
  • Only some items are getting returned after the return date
  • Inventory falls below configured values
  • Unauthorised items leaving the store room
  • Etc.

Many reports are available showing - 

  • Order processing time
  • Unreturned items
  • Customers laking longer than expected return time
  • Delayed dispatched orders etc.
  • Current Inventory
  • Stolen items

Contact TrackSeal at or call us on +61 2 8091 0707 for further details on this solution or to provide a customized solution to automate your business processes.